Do you feel ill-­prepared to conduct meetings in another language?

At Montelingua, we guarantee a fluid communication between individuals, businesses or public bodies. The minutest detail will never be missed in important meetings, conferences, business dinners or professional trade shows.

Avoid misunderstandings and unproductive hours due to miscommunications, and trust in the interpreting services of Montelingua. Professionalism, integrity and discretion are the fundamental characteristics of our work.

Which interpreting service do you need?


The orator´s language (e.g. – Spanish) is translated immediately to the listener´s language (e.g. – English). The orator can continue to talk without interruption. This type of interpreting is used principally in conferences and congresses with a soundproofed interpreting booth and headphones for the listeners.


This type of interpreting is not that different to simultaneous interpreting. The orator´s language is translated immediately to the customer´s language, but here the interpreter is not located in a soundproofed booth. Instead, he/she is located directly beside the customer in order to literally “whisper” the orator´s speech. Headphones can also be used if there is more than one listener. This type of interpreting is often used in meetings, events, and guided tours.


With consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the orator, takes the requisite notes, and when the orator has finished his/her speech, the interpreter translates to the target language. This type of interpreting is used principally in presentations, press conferences, meetings, etc.


Liaison interpreting is used primarily in meetings, hospital visits, negotiations, working lunches, etc. The advantage of this type of interpreting is that both sides can actively participate in the conversation.

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