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About us

Montelingua offers a wide range of services, from translations, revisions and copywriting, to interpreting services and language courses. We have customers of all levels including businesses, national and international organisations, self-­employed, and private individuals.

Montelingua was founded in 2003. From our Brussels office, our team offered fast, flexible, and quality services, perfectly adapted to our customer’s needs. Today, this continues to be our primary objective.

In 2010, Montelingua relocated from Brussels to Alicante. Here, we work with a professional and dedicated team of teachers and translators for customers who want a solid partner for all their language projects.​

Our values

Transparency and communication
Maintaining an open dialogue is a fundamental pillar of our business culture. No secrets or surprises.
Honesty and simplicity
To maintain long-­term relationships.
Mutual trust
The basis of our relationships.
Appreciation and respect
We treat all our team members and customers as we would like to be treated by them. This is our golden rule!
In order to give added value to the customer, it is essential that we collaborate with people who are passionate about their work.


Are you a language expert?
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Language teachers

Join our team

At Montelingua, we are always on the lookout for qualified​ and experienced language experts to strengthen our internal and external teams. We look for experienced professionals who can be an asset to an organisation like Montelingua.

We only work with the very best translators, interpreters, and language teachers. As a result of this, we offer an enjoyable, young and dynamic working environment,​ with all the necessary help and support, and timely payments.​

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