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Montelingua offers language courses with clear objectives and creative learning methods. Our courses are delivered with a wide range of flexible timetables. In addition, our teachers are qualified native speakers and teach only in their mother tongue.

We guarantee an enriching and fun environment for all of our students.

What do we offer?

7 Languages
Spanish for foreigners
6 Levels
Starter (A1)
Basic (A2)
Elemental (B1)
Intermediate (B2)
Advanced (C1)
Superior (C2)

All tailored courses, but which course should I choose?


Does your company have the right people but with insufficient knowledge of a particular language?

Do you want to learn a language thoroughly over a prolonged period of time?

Yes,

Do you need to speak about a very specific subject in another language?

Do you want to communicate with other professionals or customers about what fascinates you most?

Yes,

Are you looking to acquire some basic knowledge in a concrete area in a short timeframe?

Do you have a clear deadline and concrete objectives?

Yes,
Spanish for foreigners

Are you a foreigner living in Spain?

Are you in Spain for business reasons but still don’t have sufficient knowledge of the language and Spanish culture?

Yes,

I want a customised language course now!


More details


This course is orientated towards those who would like to learn a new language over a prolonged period of time. No rush and no stress. The content is organised in relation to the level of the student, whether that be beginner, intermediate or advanced. The level of the student is determined before enrolment through a class level entry test. In order to ensure optimum quality of teaching, group classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students.


This course is orientated primarily towards professionals who wish to go deeper into a particular specialist area in another language. For example, real-­estate, sales, finance, medical, etc. These courses are delivered within the customer´s organisation so that that he/she does not lose time relocating. If the organisation does not have an available room to hold the course, the option to relocate to the school is available. As soon as the level of the student permits, emphasis will be given to the learning of specific industry jargon.


If your aim is to hold a conversation at a reasonable level in a short period of time, the extensive course is not a realistic solution for you. Montelingua offers intensive courses (ranging from 1-­4 weeks), in which the student is taught in order to reach such a level in the short timeframe. Depending on the intensive course selected, the student will spend between 4-­8 hours daily with the teacher. The schedule is organised to ensure that a good balance between theoretical and practical work exists. The objectives are established with the customer before beginning the course.

Spanish for foreigners

This course is orientated towards foreigners who wish to learn or improve their Spanish. During the course, you will also have the opportunity to become more familiar with Spanish culture and customs.